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Craftmanship and Production


The Craftmanship and production companies on the Smiling Gecko Campus fulfill several roles simultaneously. Not only are products created here for use in the school and the farmhouse resort or to be marketed domestically, but they provide essential training opportunities for young people and adults. The population of rural Cambodia face an extremely difficult situation due to their lack of education and the debilitating way of life in the slums of the big cities is often the only option for them. This is not an option we want to accept. Last but not least, we offer the local population decent work with a regular income and thus help them lead a self-determined life.
Butcher’s shop
Whether fine poultry or beef: the butcher’s shop processes what we fatten in our rearing operations. Meat that we do not produce ourselves are also prepared here to produce important food that we need for our canteen kitchen and the restaurants in the farmhouse. And of course, we also sell these goods in Phnom Penh: our sausages are in great demand there.
The French may have long since retired from Cambodia, but their baguettes and croissants remain very popular. That’s why we produce them, along with numerous other types of bread, in our bakery. Here, too, the main customers are our own operations, where they form a nutritious alternative to the otherwise ubiquitous rice.
Campus Kitchen
If the school is the heart of the campus, then the campus kitchen is the stomach. Because here we cook almost around the clock, to feed our school children and approximately 280 employees. The dimensions of the system are correspondingly large, with a maximum capacity to produce 5,000 healthy meals every day.
Since 2016 we have a well-equipped carpentry workshop on campus based on the European model – the machines are a donation from Switzerland. This is where the woodwork we need for new construction, renovation and maintenance of our buildings is created. Furniture and handicrafts are also made and in the future we want to capitalise our expertise in prefabricated house construction for external customers.
Sewing Workshop
In the textile factories of Cambodia, what is worn in the rest of the world is produced under inhumane conditions. We go a different way: Our working conditions are fair and that is also the wage that the seamstresses receive for their wonderful work, which is mainly used in Farmhouse Resort.
Metal workshop
Our newest addition to the campus is the metal construction workshop. Here, too, we see good opportunities to integrate the young people trained there into the Cambodian labor market. Especially when, like practically all of our employees, they are managed by experienced, international experts.
Organic Farmhouse Shop
Our Organic Farmhouse Shop is not on campus but in Phnom Penh. Here we sell the agricultural products we produce, as well as meat, baked goods and sausages from our farms. A success story that brings us both income and jobs.


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