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SGC HISF | EDUCATION CAMPUS finally open again

The Covid pandemic and its effects have now lasted much longer than anyone had hoped for at the beginning of the crisis, and the situation in Cambodia has continued to deteriorate in 2021. At our school, it’s been a difficult year as well. With only a few brief interruptions, schools nationwide had to remain closed for most of the year, as required by the government.
Thanks to our great and dedicated school team on campus, the students were provided with food and learning materials at all times. All faculty were on site teaching both whole classes and individual students online. The Online & Distance Support Program continued in an enhanced and expanded format that included learning progress reviews and regular feedback from all stakeholders.

Kids who are hungry can’t learn.»

Barbara Beaufait, Director, SGC HISF | Education Campus
But all this, of course, did not replace the normal school day with lessons, friends, school meals and regular hygienic as well as medical care for the children. Therefore, we are even more pleased that we were able to welcome the children back to normal school lessons in our school on 1st November.
Due to the delays and restrictions caused by the pandemic, the school year 2020/2021 took place with the same children as in the previous year. In the spring of 2021, the selection of subsequent children for preschool and kindergarten could take place. After the admission of 100 new students, the current school year has a total of more than 400 children benefitting from a good education, but also from regular nutritious meals and hygienic and medical care. In the 2021/2022 school year, we have 18 classes in the Education Campus from nursery to 5th grade.

«Education is our passport to a brighter future, because tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.»

Barbara Beaufait, Director, SGC HISF | Education Campus
Despite all the difficulties caused by the pandemic and the extended lockdown periods, we are very proud of the great progress our children have made even in the last year. They are bright and inquisitive without exception. In addition, they are unique and each in their own way creative, fun and smart. And last but not least, they are respectful and very grateful – they are the hope of Cambodia and the chance for a better future.

«We invest significantly in qualified teaching through local and foreign staff, as well as quality meals and medical care.»

Barbara Beaufait, Director, SGC HISF | Education Campus

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