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Whether quick news in between, your own press release or external TV and newspaper reports: On this page we collect all the news for you that have something to do with our campus, the great people in Cambodia or Smiling Gecko as an organization.
The Gong

A voice for Cambodia

We are opening our new cultural centre “The Gong” on 26 June with a big celebration over several days. Here is some background information about the planned event and of course about the building.

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Our cultural building site

In our news archive there is now a collection of photos on the construction progress of the “House of Culture and Music”, which we update regularly. Why don’t you take a look?

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Hurray: the new ones are here!

School has started again in Cambodia. For around 100 of the little ones, a new chapter in their lives begins, while for 50 of the older ones, the adventure of middle school begins. We are proud of everyone.

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